ridgevent cap inst step 1 instructions


If you are not experienced in climbing on your roof then it is highly recommended that you have an experienced person install the ridge vent EndCaps™ for you, such as a pest control professional, a contractor or a certified handy man, someone who is bonded and insured. KritterCap® Ridge Vent EndCaps™ are adjustable, and if installed properly, will fit most roof peaks making a tight and secure fit stopping Roof Rats, Bats, Mice, and other pest that enter through the ridge vent.

Before installing, check to see if the shingle extends beyond the end of the ridge vent. If it does use a pair of tin snips or a sharp knife to cut the shingle back flush with the ridge vent.

ridgevent cap inst step 1 instructions

Overhang can be 2-3 inches longer than vent

ridgevent cap inst step 2 instructions

Trim overhang flush to end of ridge vent

ridgevent cap inst step 3 instructions

Shingle trimmed flush with end of ridge vent

ridgevent cap inst step 4 instructions

Use Putty Knife or straight and slide between the roof shingle and the ridge vent so EndCap™ will slide between them easily.

ridgevent cap inst step 5 instructions

Slide one end of the EndCap™ in above the roof shingle and under the Ridge vent. Work the rest of the EndCap™ under the other side of ridge vent and push it up tight against the ridge vent. Bend tabs down tight and secure with nails provided.

rigevent cap inst step 6 Instructions

On the metal ridge vents, slide EndCap™ between roof shingle and metal ridge vent. Push EndCap™ tight against ridge vent, bend tabs tight against ridge vent and secure with screws provided.